The Revenue Share Module

Profits25 is an online advertising agency which shares revenue with its members.

You buy advertising coupons at 25€ in the Revenue Share Module. Your coupons are remunerated every Friday morning between 09:00 and 12:00 CET!

You can buy up to 600 coupons in the Module with a minimum of 2 advertising coupons i.e. 50€. to get started.

You purchase advertising coupons at a price of only 25€ apiece. Then those coupons are remunerated every week until they reach a value of 35€, i.e. a gain of 10€ per coupon. At that stage, they’re taken out of the system.

To qualify for the weekly remunerations, all you have to do is click our partners’ advertising banners every week. The number of clicks that you have to make depends on how many coupons you have:

  • Up to 30 coupons: 10 clicks
  • From 31 to 100 coupons: 20 clicks
  • More than 100 coupons: 30 clicks

You will find those banners on the resource website which you receive upon registration. Those clicks earn money for the company. That money is shared equally between members according to the number of coupons they have. This is the “revenue share” concept.

Profits25 is an online advertising agency which shares revenue with its members. entitles you to put a banner of your own in the “Members offers” section of your resource site, if you so wish. Those private banners are visible to all the other members and the visitors to the website. That way, not only do you make money with your advertising coupons, but in addition you also increase the traffic to your websites and your sponsoring!

Just send your banner (maximum height 90px) and the link to your website to the support to have them published.

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