Just go to the "Sign up" page of your sponsor's Profits25 website, and fill out the registration form.
CAUTION: sign up under your real name otherwise you won't be able to withdraw your earnings (scanned ID is required for the first withdrawal). Also mind your sponsor's nickname in the form, you won't be allowed to change if you put the wrong sponsor by mistake.
No, it is prohibited to create several accounts in the Module.
No, the residents of the following countries cannot sign up for the Module:
- Afghanistan
- Albania
- Angola
- Bosnia
- Burma
- Burundi
- Byelorussia
- Cambodia
- Cuba
- Dem. Rep. of Congo
- Eritrea
- Ethiopia
- India
- Indonesia
- Iran
- Iraq
- Jordan
- Kosovo
- Kuwait
- Lebanon
- Liberia
- Libya
- Macedonia
- Moldavia
- Montenegro
- Morocco
- Nigeria
- North Korea
- Palestine
- Rwanda
- Serbia
- Sierra Leone
- Somalia
- Southern Sudan
- Sudan
- Syria
- Tanzania
- Thailand
- Uganda
- Ukraine
- United Arab Emirates
- United States of America
- Uzbekistan
- Vietnam
- Yemen
- Zambia
- Zimbabwe
Yes, people residing in certain countries are subject to specific procedures:
- Members residing in Ivory Coast cannot order a prepaid MasterCard and should get in touch with the support for their withdrawals.
- Members residing in Colombia cannot pay by bank transfer but only by bank card or online payment platforms.
Once you've filled out the sign up form, you get to the purchase page of the website where you can choose your method of payment. It doesn't matter if you don't purchase your coupons right away. You can go back to the "Buy advertising coupons" page at any time, log in and choose your method of payment.
Bank cards (Visa and MasterCard), bank transfer, online payment platforms (Perfect Money...).
No you can't, you must choose among the methods of payment offered on the website.
You can buy up to 600 coupons, i.e. 15000€. Once you have reached this ceiling, you cannot purchase anymore coupons until those 600 coupons are deactivated.
No, you can purchase as many advertising coupons as you wish by using your account balance.
For information on the fees applied to the various methods of payment, go to the \'Buy advertising coupons\' page of your website, log in and enter the number of coupons you wish to buy. You will see the fees appear for each method of payment.
In order to receive our bank details, go to the "Buy advertising coupons" page of your website, log in and select "Bank transfer". You will receive our bank details by email together with the procedure to be followed.
    1- The transfer should be sent to the right beneficiary, you should read carefully the bank details received from Profits25.
    In case where as a result of a mistake one of our financials partners should return the funds, the fees of that return are attributable to the member and deducted from the amount to be returned, without liability on the part of Profits25.
    2- From second transfer onwards, the previous bank details email should never be reused. You should always go back to the "Buy coupons" page of your website and require new bank details email with new operation code to be referenced in the transfer.
    3- You should always respect the minimum purchasing requirement to pay by bank transfer: 20 advertising coupons i.e. 500€.
Go to "My account" in your member area. You will see the available balance of your account and you will be able to purchase as many coupons as you like according to your balance ("Buy advertising coupons" red button).
Go to the "Buy advertising coupons" page of your website and follow the procedure which is explained there. This procedure consists in warning the support that you're going to pay for a third party. Do not use the contact page form but send the email from your account's email address. The subject of the email should be: "CAUTION – payment for a referral".
You may offer advertising coupons to another member to a limit of maximum four coupons, and only if the beneficiary doesn't have any coupon in the Module yet. (Exception: if the referral has only one coupon due to transfer from former matrix, coupons can be offered to him).
No, the only receipt you get from Profits25 when you purchase advertising coupons is the welcome email.
To qualify for the weekly remunerations, you must click partners' advertising banners every week, on the resource site which you receive upon registration.
The number of clicks that you have to make every week depends on how many coupons you have:
- up to 30 coupons: 10 clicks
- From 31 to 100 coupons: 20 clicks
- More than 100 coupons: 30 clicks
Go to the resource website of which you have received the link in your welcome email. Click the orange menu bar to discover the various partners' categories, and then click the banners.
Go to the "Tools" section of your member area, you will find it there.
1- The problem may be due to the fact that an anti-ad or an anti-popup is installed in your browser. The first thing to do is to disable that anti-ad or change of browser. The most widely used browsers are Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. If you have a problem with the banners we advise you to try with those three browsers, it should work with at least one of them.
2- If it still doesn't work, check your antivirus, it might also have an anti-popup installed. If this is the case just disable it.
3- The problem may also be due to your connection, not necessarily its speed (if speed is too low, the banners will just take more time to appear) but its quality. Of course in this case it will be more complicated since you'll have to either change of service provider or find a good connection somewhere. But in most cases changing of browser will solve the problem.
1- Don't forget that you also have a click meter in the "My coupons" section of your member area. If your resource site meter doesn't work well, that one is always updated.
2- On the resource site, the fact that your click meter doesn't update may be due to the fact that your JavaScript is disabled or that your browser is outdated.
3- Concerning the clicks, don't forget that only one click is registered per banner and per week. So if you click the same banner several times, it is normal that your click meter's figure doesn't increase.
You haven't received your remuneration because you haven't made your weekly clicks. It may also occur (fortunately this is very rare) that the clicks haven't been registered in our data base. The company is not responsible for the quality of your browser and of your connection. No use to contact the support in this case since no derogation is granted.
You send the link of the banner (maximum 90px high) and the link of the website to the support by email.
No, no Profits25 banners for the time being.
No, members' Profits25 banners are not accepted.
No it isn't compulsory to sponsor members in order to make money in this program. Members only have to click our partners' banners to qualify their coupons for the remuneration. That said, the sponsoring program is very interesting and allows significant increase of earnings.
No, having signed up is not enough, you must be an active member to be allowed to sponsor people, i.e. you must have bought advertising coupons. You receive your Profits25 website upon registration but the sponsoring link will not operate until you buy your first advertising coupons.
Go to the "Tools" section of your member area, you will find it there.
Your referrals appear in your down-line only once they've bought advertising coupons. If they've just registered but haven't bought coupons yet, it is normal that they don't appear in your down-line.
Only active members are recorded in this total. If one of your referral's coupons are deactivated after reaching the 10€ of gains, and if that referral hasn't bought new coupons, he doesn't have any active coupons any more. In that case he won't be recorded in your team total any more.
Yes indeed, you may sponsor your spouse.
Not at all, two members can use the same computer and the same IP address.
Go to "My profile" in your member area and change your password.
Yes you can. For security reasons you must use your current email address to send the new one to the support. You must also attach a scanned copy of your ID card or passport.
No you cannot.
Log in the member area, click the "Lost password" link and follow the procedure. You will receive your password by email.
It is possible that some coupons have been validated by mistake for someone in your down-line, or that a fraud has been detected. In that case the support had to invalidate those coupons as well as the sponsoring commissions that they had generated, which explains that your account balance might have decreased.
This is the total amount of remuneration already received for each coupon.
This is the total amount of remuneration yet to be received for each coupon.
It is the date on which your advertising coupons are deactivated after having brought you a gain of 10€.
This total represents the number of active coupons that you have. So every time some of your coupons are deactivated, they're not included in this total anymore.
Nothing, they're just taken out of the system. When those advertising coupons are deactivated, they have already generated the 10€ of gains to you plus your down payment. You have received those earnings over the weeks every Friday, so when those coupons are deactivated you have already received the money on your account.
You can withdraw your earnings by a prepaid MasterCard provided by Profits25, or by online payment platform (Perfect Money …).
Go to the "Withdraw your earnings" page of your website, click "Submit a withdrawal request" then log in and select a method of withdrawal.
You can make a withdrawal request as soon as you have a balance of 20 euros on your account.
No, this heading only shows how much each advertising coupons has already received. The only amount to take into account for the withdrawals is the balance of your account in "My account" (see "Managing one's advertising coupons" in this FAQ).
No, it's impossible. You must choose among the withdrawal methods offered by the website.
15€ deducted from your account upon ordering, plus 13.50€ annual fees charged by the card suppliers from the second year onwards.
Go to "My account" in your member area, click "Order your withdrawal card" and fill out the order form.
No, it's impossible. You must use the card ordered from your Profits25 member area.
Profits25 sends the members' card orders every Thursday noon CET. You will receive your card within 7 to 15 days depending on your country of residence.
Together with the card you receive a mail with the phone number of a voice server in English to help you activate it.
You will find detailed explanations in the "Documents" section of your member area.
No, it's a real bank card that you can also use for purchases in stores or online, everywhere MasterCard is accepted. What's more you will have a client interface which works as a real bank account, with for example the possibility of making bank transfers from your card account.

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